We Keep It Cold

Transportation Bull, LLC offers Refrigerated Trucking with temperature controlled transport from -10 to 45 degrees in all 50 states. We are the best choice for your perishable and frozen goods. We have served some of the nation’s leading corporations as well as smaller companies. Whether you are a new or existing customer, we’ll deliver your load with an unwavering commitment to reliable service, safety conscious practices and customer satisfaction.

What We Offer

Frozen Loads

From Frozen Chickens out of Florida to Ice Cream. We keep it cold and deliver on time.

Refrigerated Loads

Our specialty is in refrigerated loads. all our trailers and refrigerated equipment not only can be tracked but we can monitor and adjust temperatures while in transit.

Dry Loads

Temperature not an issue for your load? No problem we can help make sure your dry goods stay dry and covered.

24 Hour Support

Our phones are covered 24/7 to meet your needs regardless of time or day we can dispatch a rig to your location.

Freight Tracking

Every truck and trailer is equipped with GPS location devices that enable us to track exactly where your load is. On top of that you can track it too.

ELD Compliant

Our trucks are also equipped with the latest in electronic driver logging equipment to insure there are no delays in getting your goods to you.

Let Us Help You With Your Transportation Needs.

Advanced Tech

On Time Delivery

Transportation Bull offers results, not excuses. When you need your product delivered by deadline, count on us to get it there on time.

Dependable Drivers

We know our customers expect the best in equipment and operators. That’s why Transportation Bull only hires experienced, dependable drivers with impeccable safety records. We’re proud to say we have one of the lowest turnover rates in our industry.

Modern Equipment

Our customers expect their delivery on time and in good condition. We invest in new equipment regularly to ensure better fuel economy, minimal maintenance and breakdowns, and oversall safe travel.

Sophisticated Tracking

Transportation Bull uses continuous tracking and communication between drivers, trucks, and Trailers. Your load is monitored the entire way from dispatch, and if we see a dip in temperature, we can make the adjustments right from our headquarters.

Our tracking system enables us to read total diagnostics of both the truck and trailer, and if one should part from the other we can track your valuable load making sure that it gets to you.