Safety First

All of our drivers are trained in maintaining security and are vigilant at all times. We protect our loaded trailers with kingpin locks when unattended in an unsecured location. This ensures that the trailer cannot be hooked to by an unauthorized tractor.

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Healthy Fleet Lowers Mayhem Opportunities

To keep a healthy fleet we routinely provide service and maintenance on our late-model fleet of tractors and trailers, enabling us to provide a safe & reliable service.  

In Route Communications and Monitoring

We have equipped all of our tractors and trailers with mobile communications and GPS tracking systems. Through this system we are able to dispatch load information and other messages to our drivers, reducing the opportunity for error or miscommunication on load requirements.  

Finger On The Pulse

We can also remotely monitor the health of our equipment and the conditions inside the trailer from our Headquarters. This enables us to diagnose a potential problem and address it before its becomes an issue that causes a delay. This system feeds us information on each of our tractors and trailers health, location, and the vital stats. In the unlikely event that a breakdown does occur, our drivers can alert our operations team 24/7 so that we can begin to formulate a plan to secure your freight and deliver it on time. We will call you immediately if we think there may be a delay and provide a realistic solution for you.

Keeping You In The Loop

GPS technology not only allows us to pinpoint the location of our tractors but also the trailer your load is in within minutes. Now we have given you access to our tracking system.

When You Just Want To Know Where It Is

Each time you use our services we issue you a tracking code for your shipment that enables you to log in and see just where your shipment is.

Let Us Help You With Your Transportation Needs.